Power your home
with clean, smart, economic battery power
from Sunwoda Energy

Program features
Take Sunwoda Energy home
  • Clean
    Self-consumption,Maximize the use of clean energy
  • Flexible
    Capacity reaches to 60kWh with expansion battery box
  • Economic
    Use clean economy solar energy for 24 hours
  • Smart
    Real-time monitoring, can track system operation status from anywhere
  • Reliable
    Stable power supply, high safety and reliability
Monitor Energy Flows in Real Time
Smart and user-friendly APP
Available for Android, iOS and Web
Customize your energy needs
Manage energy production/storage/consumption and on grid/off gird anytime from anywhere
System operation principle
Scene display
A more affordable, clean and safe residential energy station
Residential use
Residential use
Energy storage system for home roof photovoltaic and small wind power generation.
Peak shifting
Peak shifting
Store electricity at low prices, then use solar electricity during the day, and use stored electricity at night when peak prices are high.
It can be fully self-sufficient through photovoltaics and energy storage, without relying on grid power supply.
Backup power
Backup power
In the case of power supply interruption, voltage drop, etc., continue to supply power without affecting life.
Core Products
Battery Pack
SunESS series
Atirx series
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