sunwoda liquid cooling battery pack

Sunwoda Liquid Cooling Containerized Battery Storage

All-in-one design, rapid installation and deployment.
Feature Description
Sunwoda Liquid CoolingBattery Container System consists of a 20-foot prefabricated cabin, including battery system, lighting, fire protection, on-site monitoring, chiller, etc. The product takes the battery cluster as the basic unit, which can cover the scene needs of different voltages and different capacities, and can cooperate with photovoltaic, wind power, thermal power and other systems to realize new energy consumption, smooth output, peak and valley filling, frequency modulation and peak regulation, and provide power grids. Auxiliary services, etc., are widely used in all aspects of dispatch, transmission, distribution and use.
Complete functions
Multilevel protection strategy
Using a standard 20-foot container, high energy density, small size, and convenient transportation
All-in-one design
Support LCL layout, flexible station space layout, suitable for large-scale energy storage power station applications
PACK-level new fire protection system to ensure safer and more reliable product operation
What can we use it for
sunwoda utility scale battery storage for power generation
Provide energy storage and output management in power generation.
sunwoda grid scale energy storage
Grid Side
Provide smart load management for power transmission and distribution, and modulate frequency and peak in time according to power grid loads.
sunwoda utility scale battery storage consumption side
Consumption Side
Provide users with a peak-valley electricity price arbitrage mode and stable power quality management.
Understand its internal structure in detail
  • Power/capacity
  • DC Round Trip Efficiency(0.5Cp)
  • Rated Voltage
  • Operating Voltage
    1075.2 ~ 1382.4V
  • Cooling Mode
    Liquid cooling
  • Max C-rate
  • Operating Temperature
    -30℃ ~ 55℃
  • Relative Humidity
    0~100%(no condensation)
  • Altitude
    ≤ 3000m(Derating over 3000m)
  • Cycle life
    8000 cycles @25℃,0.5Cp/0.5Cp
  • Canlendar life
    20 years
  • Fire Suppression
    Pack level fire protection (FM200/ Novec 1230) + water fire protection + combustible gas detection + Exhaust ventilation + Deflagration venting
  • Protection degree
    IP55/NEMA 3R
  • Dimensions (W*D*H,mm)
    6058*2438*2591 (20ft×8ft×8.5ft)
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