sunwoda residential ess SunESS Power

All-in-One Residential ESS SunESS Power

Modular, Compact and Simple
Introducing SunESS Power, The Ultimate Solution for Reliable and Efficient Power Management
SunESS Power is an unparalleled all-in-one residential energy storage system designed to revolutionize your power management experience and meet all your power needs in a modular, compact, and simple package.

● Modular, Compact and Simple
● Easy Installation(30 Minutes Max)
● Flexible Battery Expansion (5kWh-40kWh)

Safe and reliable
● Short circuit protection
● Optional Arc-fault prevention (AFCI)
● Optional rapid shut-down (RSD)

Withstand 150% inrush current over 10 seconds

Support 150% oversized PV power
Support 100% 3-phase Unbalanced load
Ultra-fast switching (10ms) from On-grid to Off-grid state
Max. 12 years' warranty
Support diesel generator + heat pump (optional)
Sunwoda Inside, Power Your Life
Take One Step Closer to Energy Independence with the SunESS Power
sunwoda residential ess SunESS Power
Effortless Installation:
A Testament to Simplicity
SunESS Power offers a remarkably easy installation process, requiring a maximum of 30 minutes. Say farewell to intricate procedures and welcome a hassle-free setup.
Unmatched Flexibility:
Battery Expansion Redefined
With its exceptional battery expansion capability, ranging from 5kWh to an extraordinary 40kWh, the SunESS Power adapts effortlessly to meet your unique energy demands.
Safety and Reliability:
Our Utmost Commitment
The built-in short circuit protection and arc-fault prevention (AFCI) mechanism can further enhance the safety of your power management system. For emergency situations, the optional rapid shut-down (RSD) functionality provides swift shutdown capabilities.
sunwoda home energy storage system suness power
Unyielding Performance:
Prepared for Every Challenge
With the ability to endure 150% inrush current over 10 seconds, the SunESS Power ensures a stable power supply in the face of sudden surges.It supports 150% oversized PV power and can handle 100% of the 3-phase load effortlessly.
Seamless Transition:
On-Grid to Off-Grid in an Instant
The SunESS Power boasts an ultra-fast switching time of 10ms, effortlessly transitioning from an on-grid to an off-grid state. Your essential appliances and devices continue to operate seamlessly, ensuring continuity in critical situations
pv panel
Beyond Expectations:
Supporting Additional Power Sources
Whether you require integration with a diesel generator or a heat pump, SunESS Power seamlessly incorporates these systems, offering a comprehensive and unified power management solution.
Understand its internal structure in detail
  • Cell type
  • Dimensions (W/H/D) mm
  • Storage temperature
  • Operating temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Altitude
  • Cooling method
    Air cooling
  • Ingress protection
  • Rated battery capacity
  • Max. charge and discharge power
  • Total weight
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