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Shanghai 60KVA UPS Project

Project Name: Shanghai 60KVA UPS Project

Application scenario: Information room

Time: November 2021

Location: Shanghai

Installed capacity: 179.2kWh

Battery system: 480V50Ah*7

Project introduction: This project is a server backup power system for the information computer room of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, including three systems of 512V/50Ah, 512V/100Ah, and 512V200Ah. It can continue to supply power to the server in the computer room when the mains power is off to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the computer room. , The UPS battery part uses lithium batteries instead of traditional lead-acid batteries, which improves the overall service life of the UPS system, reduces the space occupied, and meets the demand for large-rate discharge. At the same time, it has the advantage of maintenance-free and reduces the maintenance cost of the system.

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