sunwoda Portable Power Station DT Series

Sunwoda DT Series Portable Power Station

Where Boundless Benefits Meet Unmatched Performance
Meet the New DT Series, a portable and powerful solution for all your energy needs

With an impressive battery capacity of up to 832Wh and an output of 1800W, this versatile portable power station is the perfect companion for home backup, camping, and more. Its advanced safety features, including an EV-grade BMS, ensure worry-free operation. The DT Series also features a pure sine wave inverter of up to 1400W, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply. With multiple charging options, you can stay connected wherever you go.
High Power/Capacity Output Ratio
50% more than competitors
PowerRush Technology
Unleash the power for resistive loads
Super-fast Charging
1-hour recharge to 80%
Builit-in EPS
No fear of unexpected blackouts
All-round safety
Protect you and your equipment at every level
Power Up and Explore: Sunwoda DT Series Has Got You Covered
portable power station for Outdoor camping
Endless Power on the Go
Powered by up to 832Wh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, this portable power station delivers a remarkable total output of 1800W. Equipped with 11 outlets (US version), the Sunwoda DT Series provides uninterrupted power to all your devices during power outages or outdoor adventures, making it the perfect solution for both homeowners and campers.
portable power station for Self-driving tours
Reliable & Secure
The DT Series features an EV-grade BMS (Battery Management System) that ensures safe operation by constantly monitoring battery temperature in real time. With its exceptional thermal conductivity, this portable power station shines in high-power applications, even in scorching environments of up to 104℉
portable power station for emergency
Next-Level Inverter
Equipped with a high-performing up to 1400W pure sine wave inverter and PowerRush mode, the DT series is capable of efficiently running sensitive appliances, tools, and electronic devices rated up to 2800W.
portable power station for outdoor work
Versatile Recharge Options
The DT Series offers three recharge modes to suit your preferences: AC, solar, and automotive. Each mode can recharge this portable solar power station from 0% to 80% in just 1 hour using a wall outlet, ensuring you're always prepared for your next adventure.
Reducing Carbon Footprint
Reducing Carbon Footprint
With Sunwoda battery technology, now you can say goodbye to the noisy, polluting generators. Investing in the DT-Series not only provides the convenience of portable power but also contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing carbon emissions, minimizing noise pollution, and promoting sustainable energy practices.
Understand its internal structure in detail
  • Power
    1400W continuous, 2800W Peak
  • Capacity
    832Wh (41.6V, 20Ah)
  • Dimensions
  • Net Weight
  • Cell Chemistry
    LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • Cycle Life
    >4000 cycles (100% DOD, 80% EOL)
  • Certifications
    CE, RoHS, UL, FCC, PSE, UN38.3, SDS
Brochure/User Manual
  • Power
    800W continuous, 1600W Peak
  • Capacity
    495Wh (18V, 27.5Ah)
  • Dimensions
  • Net Weight
  • Cell Chemistry
    NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt)
  • Cycle Life
    >600 cycles (100% DOD, 80% EOL)
  • Certifications
    CE, RoHS, UL, FCC, PSE, UN38.3, SDS
Brochure/User Manual
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