sunwoda portable power station

SJS1000\South America

Project: SJS1000

Application: Outdoor camping, outdoor self-driving tour, family emergency, outdoor work

Date: September 2019

Location: South America

Installed capacity: 1000W/1180Wh

Introduction: This product is specially designed for the South American market, with 1000W/1180Wh pure sine wave large capacity design, unique UPS and grid frequency switching function. A total of 12 output ports can meet the simultaneous use of multiple devices in the family. The built-in high-power AC adapter, MPPT solar charging module, and car charging module can be fully charged in as fast as 7 hours; at the same time, the cable storage box is designed to be close to the habits of the South American market. This product is also available in Japanese, American, and British versions.

sunwoda portable power station South America

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