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Sunwoda Supports Europe’s Green Development with Sustainable Energy Storage Solutions and Industry Chain Layout at Intersolar Europe 2024

Jun 26,2024

At Intersolar Europe 2024, Sunwoda presents its integrated energy storage solutions and how its industry chain layout supports the development of green energy in Europe.

Sunwoda at Intersolar Europe 2024

Sustainable Energy Storage Solutions

Sunwoda's ESS technical experts, Eugen Budjugin and Steven Wang, highlighted the company's commitment to sustainable ESS and safety in the industry, by introducing the SunESS Power and the Oasis series for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These systems seamlessly integrate with leading inverters and accessories, enabling PV+storage and PV+storage+EV ecosystems, thereby facilitating the global energy transition from the user's perspective.

Sunwoda at Intersolar Europe 2024

Recognizing safety as a key concern, Sunwoda has unveiled its 5MWh liquid-cooling BESS, the 625Ah cells and the 10-meter mobile energy storage vehicle with the world’s largest capacity in 2024 for utility and mobile energy storage applications. These solutions incorporate multiple thermal runaway prevention mechanisms, ensuring safety in power generation, transmission, and emergency power scenarios.

Sustainable Industry Chain Layout
Sunwoda's commitment to the entire energy storage industry chain is evident through its equity investments in raw materials, battery big data management, battery cascading utilization, and recycling fields. By collaborating with partners, Sunwoda seeks technological breakthroughs to promote energy-saving and carbon reduction across the industry chain.

Earlier this year, Sunwoda established a 100,000-ton lithium battery recycling and ESS intelligent manufacturing project in Shandong Province. It encompasses the entire process of lithium battery recycling and reuse, from collection, disassembly, sorting, processing, refining, and manufacturing of battery materials from waste batteries. Valuable materials, such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel, can be effectively recovered from lithium batteries, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution, and contributing to a reduced reliance on raw materials.

Sunwoda at Intersolar Europe 2024

With an accumulated ESS installed capacity of 13.55GWh as of May 2024, Sunwoda has completed projects spanning over 100 countries. Focusing on new energy for nearly 30 years, Sunwoda has established a comprehensive industrial layout that covers upstream battery raw materials, ESS, and battery recycling. The company remains committed to ecological preservation throughout the lifecycle of ESS, furthering the energy transition and development in Europe and beyond.

Sunwoda at Intersolar Europe 2024

About Sunwoda Energy
As a subsidiary of Sunwoda Group, Sunwoda Energy specializes in comprehensive energy storage solutions, including network energy, residential/C&I/utility ESS, and smart energy solutions. The company also offers Source-Grid-Load-Storage-Cloud Integration, with a business model covering sales, investment, construction, and operation throughout the life cycle.

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