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MWC Shanghai 2023 | Sunwoda Energy Empowering Digital Communication & Embracing a Green Future

Jun 29,2023

MWC Shanghai 2023, Asia's most influential event for the connectivity industry, took place on June 28th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a premier event for next-gen tech in Asia, MWC Shanghai aimed to showcase how the region's leading information technology is driving economic and social development. At the event, Sunwoda Energy showcased its Network Energy solutions for promoting the communication industry's low-carbon and green development.

sunwoda energy at MWC shanghai 2023

As providers of digital service platforms, communication operators use infrastructure such as data centers and 5G networks to offer users digital services that integrate technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and big data. To meet the targets of emission reduction, developing reliable, efficient, green, and energy-saving solutions has become a top priority for the communication industry.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China has built the largest 5G network in the world. As of the end of April 2023, there were a total of 2.73 million 5G base stations in the country. With the fast-paced deployment of 5G base stations, a reliable communication power supply for these base stations is crucial.

telecom stations

Sunwoda Energy has upgraded its communication network energy solutions in three key areas: backup power, energy storage, and intelligence. The company has launched 48V lithium-ion products with capacities ranging from 50Ah to 200Ah, which can be used in various backup power scenarios for both macro and micro stations. These batteries have an impressive cycle life of up to 6000 times and can be mixed with lead-acid batteries.

sunwoda telecom battery

For instance, the SMI 48V series has an integrated design and can be installed in standard cabinets, providing a stable and reliable power supply for communication base stations. These products can also be used in parallel to match higher-power supply products or extend backup power time.

As a trusted and long-term partner of communication operators, Sunwoda Energy has consistently increased its investment in research and development and focused on technological innovation.

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