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MWC Barcelona 2024: Sunwoda Energy Unveils Two New Network Energy Products

Mar 06,2024

Sunwoda Energy, a global leader in battery solutions, proudly announces the global debut of two innovative products at MWC Barcelona 2024. The unveiling of the Outdoor Integrated Cabinet and the Intelligent IDC High-Voltage Modular Lithium Battery marks a significant milestone in Sunwoda Energy's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the ICT industry.

Sunwoda Energy at MWC Barcelona 2024

The Outdoor Integrated Cabinet represents the culmination of Sunwoda Energy's expertise in the field of network energy. Combining multiple technologies and functions into one integrated solution, this product sets a new standard for versatility and efficiency in providing green energy. On the other hand, the Intelligent IDC High-Voltage Modular Lithium Battery focuses on delivering exceptional performance for medium to large-scale data centers and edge data centers, representing the epitome of precision and compactness in the third-generation lithium battery system.

Sunwoda's network energy solutions have been upgraded with a focus on backup power, energy storage, and intelligent capabilities. The Outdoor Integrated Cabinet is a compact and high-level protection solution, featuring an embedded power system that can be customized according to customer requirements. Its modular design allows for hot-swappable maintenance, ensuring flexibility and meeting the diverse needs of users.

This solution boasts a fully digitalized design, characterized by high reliability, high power density, and high performance. Sunwoda Energy empowers network energy solutions with its cutting-edge technology, helping communication base stations break the energy consumption curve and create environmentally friendly base stations.

Sunwoda Energy at MWC Barcelona 2024

As data centers play a crucial role in supporting stable digital transformation, traditional methods of business management, equipment monitoring, and data analysis are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of IDC operations.

Sunwoda Energy has revolutionized power supply by integrating high-density, energy-efficient solutions. The Intelligent IDC High-Voltage Modular Lithium Battery is specifically designed for medium to large-scale data centers and edge data centers, providing backup power for scenarios requiring 10 to 15 minutes of uninterrupted power supply. The battery modules can be used individually, offering modular flexibility and compatibility with both new and old batteries. With the ability to be hot-swapped and featuring module-level fire protection, this product ensures both safety and reliability. Its minute-level maintenance significantly reduces operational costs. When combined with UPS systems, it achieves grouped capacity, ensuring a reliable power supply.

Sunwoda Energy at MWC Barcelona 2024

The Intelligent IDC High-Voltage Modular Lithium Battery Product offers convenient and efficient management of various resources and services within IDC, providing operators with a controllable and environmentally friendly green data center.

Sunwoda Energy's network energy storage solution aims to reduce energy consumption and improve the availability and cost-effectiveness of network energy applications. By utilizing lithium battery storage products with high energy density, high power density, and excellent performance in high-temperature environments, Sunwoda Energy embraces modularity, parallel operation, and independent maintenance to promote green and low-carbon strategies. Sunwoda’s network energy storage products have been sold in mainland China, Taiwan China, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, and other countries and regions, actively contributing to the implementation of green and carbon reduction strategies worldwide.

Sunwoda Energy at MWC Barcelona 2024

By combining digital and energy technologies, Sunwoda Energy provides comprehensive network energy solutions that meet the diverse needs of the ICT industry and remains committed to driving the development of green base stations and intelligent data centers, leading the global green energy revolution.

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