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Create a Green Future Together with Sunwoda Energy as SNEC 2023 Successfully Wrapped Up

May 29,2023

On May 26th, SNEC 2023, a great gathering of professionals from the solar energy and energy storage sectors, came to a successful end. With the theme of " Create a Green Future by Digital Smart Energy Storage", Sunwoda Energy Technology showcased its 5 major energy storage solutions and full series of ESS products, which attracted the attention of many media and exhibitors.

During this 3-day event, Sunwoda Energy was not only unanimously recognized by participants in terms of ESS products and technology. The company fully demonstrated its in-depth layout in the field of energy storage through 5 exhibition areas of utility-scale energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, residential energy storage, network energy, and smart energy.

Sunwoda Energy always focuses on users' pain points and continues to innovate and upgrade product services and application scenarios, making efforts for a zero-carbon future. In the top 10 highlighted election activities held at the event, Sunwoda Energy won the "Excellence Award on Energy Storage Application" with its innovative network energy solution, which brought the exhibition to a successful conclusion.

With emerging technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc. mushrooming in popularity, the future human society will evolve into a society where everything is sensed, connected, and intelligent, and the ICT infrastructure carrying these key technologies will become the cornerstone of the intelligent world.

Based on industrial development needs, Sunwoda Energy provides network energy solutions and a full range of safe and efficient energy storage system products that fully meet ICT industry application scenarios in the digital era, integrating digital technology with energy storage technology to create a visible, manageable, and controllable energy network.

The award is not only a certification for Sunwoda Energy’s brand strength but also reflects the fact that China attaches high importance to the development of the energy sector. With this honor, Sunwoda Energy will continue to be a pioneer of green energy by focusing on improving technical strength and taking stable steps on the road toward energy innovation.

SNEC2023 is a feast of solar energy and energy storage where innovation and beauty collide and intelligence and technology combine. We witnessed vigor, persistence, efforts, and the unlimited potential of the energy storage industry during the event. Sunwoda Energy will continue to take customer needs as the center and contribute more energy-saving, high-efficiency, reliable, and intelligent solutions for a zero-carbon future.

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