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Energy Storage Conference & Expo 2019

Apr 06,2019

The 29th Annual EnergyStorage Association 29th Annual Conference & Expo was held at Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on April 16-18, 2019. Organized by ESA, the exhibition focuses on energy storage technology, showcasing the most advanced energy storage technology and the latest energy storage products. Sunwoda Integrated Energy with lithium Battery energy storage solutions appeared in the exhibition, and launched Outdoor Battery Cabinet energy storage products.

Hin wanda comprehensive energy to container storage, industrial and commercial storage energy storage four major product lines, household energy storage, network layout and market at home and abroad, relying on the advanced system integration technology, diversified product line, strong project delivery capabilities and flexible cooperation mode, maximum limit for clients to improve the reliability of energy, economy and environmental protection.

Sunwoda Comprehensive Energy in recent years attaches great importance to product research, during the exhibition, The Outdoor Battery Cabinet launched by Sunwoda Comprehensive Energy storage Outdoor Cabinet product attracted much attention, this energy storage Outdoor Cabinet product, using lithium iron phosphate Battery as energy storage medium, DC 600V--876V voltage grade, It can be combined with a single energy storage converter of 60kW or below to form an energy storage system. The system adopts advanced thermal design control, intelligent BMS, modular integration design, make the products with standardized production, flexible installation, operations and convenient operation etc., products can be widely used in distributed industrial and commercial storage scene, and can meet the requirements of power system for special load of power supply, the products are recognised by the height of the exhibition guests, many stop consulting industry customers.

Currently, the north American energy storage market has entered a phase of rapid development. According to the newly released "2018 us energy storage market review" report, the us added nearly 800MWh of energy storage capacity in 2018, an increase of 80% year-on-year. Mr Yan, deputy general manager of Sunwoda comprehensive energy XiaoHaiWei ESA organizers interviewed at the scene, he said, "Sunwoda comprehensive energy in North America area has formed from the generator side and grid side and user side market comprehensive layout, we will continue to improve business and container storage system integration solutions, aiming at the new energy markets of North America." In the future, Sunwoda Integrated Energy will concentrate on the field of energy storage system integration to provide customers with the most advanced solutions, and actively cooperate with customers in North America. We have initially reached the intention of cooperation in the projects of 2.8MWH optical storage in Massachusetts, 2MWh optical storage in Boston, 30MWh optical storage in Canada and so on.

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