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Madrid International Energy Show, Spain

Mar 01,2019

Genera, one of the largest and most influential environmental energy exhibitions in Spain, was held at the Madrid Convention And Exhibition Center on February 26 to March 1. The 5kWh&10kWh home energy storage system SunEnel ESS and battery pack NEO Pro 48V and 102V module series were launched, which attracted many visitors to stop and consult.

Madrid international trade fair energy and the environment (GENERA) is the international renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental innovation projects in the field of exhibition, the exhibition attracted from all over the world environmental protection energy dealers, distributors, manufacturers and industry decision makers, which is mainly composed of Spain, Portugal and other European markets is particularly hot, Spanish, Portuguese and other customers in the Americas have come to look for future energy market opportunities in the Americas.

Europe is the world's largest market for photovoltaic applications, once accounting for 30 per cent of the world's annual installed capacity, and data show that solar will remain one of the most competitive sources of energy in the region between now and 2030. In recent years, the European pv market has been under pressure from the reduction of subsidies and is eager for more advanced products and solutions to reduce electricity costs and improve power generation returns. The SunEnel ESS family of home energy storage products, tailored for the European market, can significantly reduce equipment investment and operation costs, with lower losses and further improve efficiency.

SunEnel ESS adopts integrated design, integrated photovoltaic charging management module, BMS module, the whole machine is full of modern technology, easily matched with various home environment, equipped with touch screen, intuitive display of the overall operation status, with the capacity of the battery cabinet can reach 20 kWh. Intelligent and off-grid, without manual intervention. Cloud service, through mobile phone download system APP, that is, monitoring platform can know the running status of the system at any time and anywhere. Easy to install, easy to operate, plug and play, to meet the strict requirements of system and operation and maintenance costs in Europe. The machine is suitable for a variety of home application scenarios, the highest conversion efficiency of 98%, battery warranty for 10 years, can be called the best product of family life cost reduction gain, but also Sunwoda Integrated energy to build IoT life + energy products.

Also on display are the NEO Pro B4850 and B10225& Control Boxes, which are modular in design and support parallel/series combinations of 48V and 102V, respectively, for different application scenarios and capacity requirements. The NEO Pro B4850 supports up to 1S8P and has a maximum capacity of 19.2kwh. The NEOpro B10225 & Control Box supports up to 9S1P and up to 1000V output voltage.

Sunwoda Integrated Power has long been in The European region, and is carrying out demonstration projects in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and other countries, and will continue to increase market input in this region in 2018. Up to now, Sunwoda Integrated Energy has provided products and services to more than 10 countries and regions around the world. Its integrated technology and high-quality products and services enjoy a good reputation in the international market. In the future, Sunwoda Integrated Energy will continue to meet customer needs, accelerate the global layout, and promote the development of global green energy industry.

The Genera Show, the second of its kind in Spain, attracted distributors and installers from Portugal, Italy and Even South America. Sunwoda Integrated Energy is actively responding to the market, quickly integrating efficient products into the local market, and winning the trust of customers with high-quality products and all-round services. In the future, Sunwoda Comprehensive Energy will continue to adhere to the core concept of "technology, quality and service", continue to strengthen innovation, provide good products and good service, provide high reliable products, local service and quality after-sales guarantee for European and even global customers, so that Sunwoda brand will become the first choice of customers.

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