Boluo 4MW/5.01MWh Energy Container Energy Storage System Project

Project: Boluo 4MW/5.01MWh Energy Container Energy Storage System Project

Application scenario: integrated energy in the park

Date: September 2019

Location: Huizhou, Guangdong

Installed capacity: 4MW/5.01MWh lithium iron phosphate energy storage system

Introduction: This project is a sub-project of the national key research and development plan "Smart Grid Technology and Equipment", a special project "Multi-energy complementary integrated optimized distributed energy system demonstration". It is an energy-type container energy storage system with a total capacity of 4MW/5.01MWh , Consists of two 45-foot lithium iron phosphate battery containers and one 40-foot equipment container. This system is used as the electrical energy storage and transfer equipment of Xinwangda Huizhou Boluo Park to expand the capacity of the power supply system, help improve the power quality of the power grid, and improve Reliability of power supply to the load.

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