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Residential energy storage solution

Peak shifting

The term of “peak shifting” here is more like reducing electricity cost for households.

  • Store the power during off-peak hours at lower price rate.
  • Use the power generated from Solar system to supply during daytime and store the surplus power into the battery.
  • To use the stored power at peak time.


With a set of efficient and effective solar panels and reliable battery energy storage system, people can get rid of the limitation of grid and achieve fully self-consumption.

It is especially suitable for areas which have sufficient sunshine but without stable grid power supply.

Backup power

In case when power supplying is unstable, frequently interrupted, voltage sags, etc., not only life is seriously affected, but also causes great harm to home appliances.

Home energy storage system is in these cases much suitable for household use than UPS.

• Larger power
• Capacity is up to 20 kWh.
• Specially developed management module provides smooth power

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